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    Hi Guys,

    I’m entering phase 2 with my VK which is to build a decent donk for it and have been wondering a few things;

    What’s your setup?

    How much did it set you back? (If you don’t mind me asking…you can pm me if you wish)

    What was your experience with the shop?

    Reason for asking is, I have rang up a few of the popular shops and they just want ridiculous amount of money! E.g. One mob wanted 20K to build a mild 355, that’s with me supplying the block and heads. And this wasn’t a turn key set up, I still needed to supply dizzy, all the accessories, carby and drop the motor in myself. Surely this isnt the going rate!?

    Basically what I am after is just a mild 355, 10 or so to 1 comp, hydraulic flat tappet cam etc. It’s a weekender, so just after something that makes decent power (e.g. around 250rwkw) and that is reliable. It doesn’t need to have 4 bolt mains etc. My budget is around 13k for a turn key sort of deal (which I thought was realistic based on what I’m after)

    If this topic has been covered previously please shoot me the link. I’ve done a bit of research and all the threads I’ve found seem to be old.

    I am just curious to be honest and if that is the going rate, looks like I’ll be building the motor myself.

    Cheers lads.

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    Have you looked at the come racing website? I’m sure there is a catalogue on there with a price list for their motors.

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    Lol you just described my donk, although it was a daily when i built it. Made 410hp 255rwk. Ill fill the gaps in tomoz.

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