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    which is the better to use .. 24x or 58x ?  trying to find some information about them.. not sure if i get the right answers.

    1. if running by 24x .. have to running with 24x computer (ecu) and cable Throttle body?

    2. if running by 58x.. have to running with 58x computer and FBW??


    (in my head) if i get L98 and change to Cable TB from FBW mean i have to running by 24x ??



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    Ideally 58x is better as the ignition timing would be more accurate due to the better resolution of the 58x chopper wheel.

    If there is any noticeable difference from a drivers perspective I really couldn’t say.

    As to your specific question, probably best to talk to a tuner and see what the story is and whether they have the option of changing those sorts of items with the likes of HP tuners and EFIlive etc.

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    stock pcm you cant change this in the tune but with the likes of a haltech its as simple as a drop down box. if using the po1 ecu vt -vy ls1 ecu adapt your motor to suit with a conversion box or swap the wheels

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    L98 is a gen 4 motor. So x58 reluctor wheel. Different knock sensors, different cam and crank sensor position.

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    Any ls can be changed to cable or FBW.

    Easiest way around the reluctor issue is a Linglefelter Converter box, or you physically change it

    gary is about to sell his was fairly cheap too

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    Yep I am selling mine, its the better 002 model, done around 3,000ks.  Only changing it as the engine is out and stripped so made sense to change the reluctor wheel.  I spun mine to 7,000 rpm a few times with it, no issues whatsoever.  $250 posted if you are interested.

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    thanks for the information mates :)

    might will get L98 engine, and will put similar  “LS1” spec on the L98 like change the wheel reluctor on cranks and change the cam chains as well I think, I know its will be bit dear on the cost…

    one of my mate has an L77 and he has replaced the wheel reluctor on the cranks and cam chains as well as he running turbo in his torana.

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