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    Yes is fine article form US parts sales perspective but written by an academic or a journalist. Interesting style just seems odd to me.

    I buy from these guys quite a bit, get their guff in post and via email, watch their promo / informative videos as YouTube subscriber.  Thing is of course reseller-driven ie. if it’s not off-the-shelf then no mention. Same with preferred brand X over brands A to Z.

    I think there is definitely a need for how-to DIY mods for GenIV V8 Zeta, with pros and cons of options, versus performance meal deals offered at the dealer or aftermarket sticker packs.

    It would definitely provide gravitas for more liquidity of forum users, not least because there are better local experts here than at Summit.

    Perhaps ultimately a very short YouTube intro, with endcards to three or four very tight subject videos and capitalise on the burly by spinning it out on social channels.

    But in the first instance content topic cards are covered in outline by one pinned sticky linking the main subject themes. Just like a Wiki.

    There’s plenty pre-classified, proven-interesting “LS3” modding content (let’s just call it that) ready as a start point, with sufficient detail for hyperlinking rabbit holes if required. I started something like this was about to contribute to the tech section of another forum, so have a structure and loads of pirated assets to rig this up.

    I think detail sections would be collaborative editorial but to kick off with most basic stuff what I have is good to withstand a heavy critical broadside.

    So pinned, taxidermic simple subject level where content is controlled. Next detail subject level contains a pinned overview of tech topics. All other contributions are free form, like YouTube not unduly moderated. Rated editorial considered for escalation to the pinned Wiki.

    What say  :-)

    Naturally as-pirated, all-motor.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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