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    Hello all

    im looking to purchase a h4 hid kit. Have searched ebay and got abit flustered at the choice of kits.  :unsure:

    Has anybody got a kit in their car that they recommend? Links to kit would be very helpful



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    I recommend NOT putting HID’s in stock headlights, they are blinding to other road users.

    If you want to do it the right way, get high quality projectors retrofitted into your headlight casings as I have, check out my build log.

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    I also recommend not putting Low beam HID’s, there is no need for them. I would put them in the High beams that way they actually are useful and no one (inc the police) will know. I have a H1 kit in my VX high beams and they are great and no one knows :)

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    What happened to just buying new globes…. Nothing worse then some wanker blinding u cause his put his $300 HID’s into his $200 vehicle.

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    Have HID in both VZ and VE after getting sick of spending $100 a set of globes that last 12 months.

    Best lights I’ve ever had. Wouldn’t go back.

    As for blinding? Well I have driven ahead of, and toward my own cars in a range of situations, distances and road types and the lights were no more bright or dazzling than another new car on the road. They are properly adjusted and both cars have projector lamps.

    Country driving is stress free. Getting home after the first long night drive in WA, I felt far less tired and realised just how much it can take it out of a driver when they are focusing on driving at night with regular Halogen globes. I say this with many years of long distance night driving experience.

    As for around town, they are a huge improvement, and especially in heavy rain. I was expecting reflected light in heavy rain to be an issue, however it is actually easier to see the road.

    35w Low beam. Autotechnica seemed to be the better of the two sets i have, but high beam came with 35w globes as well.

    Their globes deliver a slightly better light, but its a bit trivial in the difference.

    I got the other set from

    Both kits have the ballast in the dust covers. So easy to install.

    Phillips would be the best kit to get but require a little more work with the ballasts external to the headlamps.

    VZ’s will use 2x VE High Beam Kits. The dust covers are interchangeable if you have VZ projector headlamps ;)

    Make sure you use 35w low beam globes.

    I have 35w High beam in one car. This is not the best compared to the 55w high beam in the other car.


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    I should also mention that without projector lamps there is a different globe type that should be used.

    It’s possible people are using the wrong globes in non projector lamps. Make sure you get the correct globe or yes, you can have overly bright head lights as the light is not going where it should.

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