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    Hi all,

    I have a VS ute with an M78 3.08:1 LSD and I’m looking at getting it rebuilt with 3.7 or 3.9 gears and new bearings.

    Can anyone recommend a good place they have used in the past? Preferably in the south-east of Melbourne. In an ideal world I’d drive the car in and drive it back out same day. Also and idea of cost? Been a while since I’ve had to have anything done to a diff.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    .. drive in drive out and you want the gearing changed?

    possible with a c/over diff but a bit unrealistic with a ratio change


    I have just had a new diff (with a different ration gear set) built for the race car at AutoCure at Keysborough but it was there 4 days ( I was in no hurry)  but you can try DiffKing in Dandenong or Keysborough Diffs (who are also in dandenong)  Stay away from GJ diffs…. their rep is in the toilet as far as feedback I have of late

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    Thanks for the feedback. Yeh I can probably get my hands on another diff and have that built, then swap them over, but was hoping to avoid the effort. Not really a fan of leaving the car with people I don’t know, hence the drive in drive out idea. I like to have my cake and eat it so to speak, but might have to accept not having that in this case.

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    Me and a few mates have used diff king in dandy great prices, nice work and guy knows his stuff.

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    Good to hear Keysborough Diffs are still in business, I had them do a 9″ for my VB back in the day!

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    Anyone had any experience with Supa Trik in Dandenong? Seen some good feedback and spoke to Andrew there yesterday. Seems pretty cluey. One man band as well which is good. The guy on the phone is the guy you meet and the guy who works on you pride and joy. Makes me a bit more confident that what is discussed is exactly what will happen.

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    Guy at work got Keysborough diffs to build one. Gave them 3-4 goes to get it right and ended up putting stock one back in.


    G&J built mine. 50,000k and bearings and gears fucked so got rebuilt again.

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    A couple of people have told me to stay away from Keysborough Diffs and 2 of the 4 people to reply to this thread so far have said GJ is no good. Don’t think I’ll be trying those places. Narrowing it down a bit. Looks like the exhaust will get the money first now, but the diff will be following as soon as possible after.

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    Go to jamie at full flight engineering mate, did my ute, i put a harrop diff center in it with skyline 3.7s cost me under two k and bullet proof. Killed the standard rebuild lsd that cost me 1500 in less than a few months.

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    Under 2k with a Harrop centre is pretty sweet. Bit of a hike for me but there’s some great looking work on their Facebook page. Will put them on the short-list. Be great if I could get the Harrop centre. Hopefully I’ll be able to stretch the budget that far before (or at around the same time as) the current diff cries enough.

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    U can not buy a cheaper eating center for the m78. Around $550/600

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    Supa trik is currently doing my diff, mosers,full spool, shortening and rear cover.

    End of the day get what you pay for.

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    Sounds like it’s gunna be part of a wild unit. Look forward to hearing how that turns out!

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    So 3 months later I finally got the diff done!

    After a bit of searching I did find a place to get it done drive in drive out in 1 day at Mobile Diff Repairs in Dandenong.

    Got new bearings, dana/spicer 3.91 gears and had the centre tightened up. $1k later I’m very happy.

    The guy (Luke) was really great to deal with. Great price and all done on a Saturday. No pissfarting around before or after work.

    A few hundred more KM and I’ll be going back for a check-up.

    Highly recommend this guy!

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    As above. Had my diff built by Luke as well.

    Will be going back when I need my diff built in the VN.

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    Went back this morning for a check up and an oil change. All good. Again, really happy. The guy is great to deal with.  :thumbs-up:

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    Good info for future reference.  :good:

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