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    Hey guys

    i purchased a K-Mac camber kit for the IRS in my VP SS and was told by a mechanic that he’d need to drop the whole rear cradle out to do the job & it would take 5 plus hours to do.

    * First question do you need to take the whole cradle out to fit 4 bushes.

    * could you drop the arm out/down to remove old bushes and install the K-Mac’s

    Your comments would be appreciated

    Cheers Az

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    Haven’t used the KMac kit but with Nolathane you just drop the arms…

    Don’t imagine it would be any different, maybe he’s confused and is thinking of the Subframe bushes?

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    No you don’t need to take out the whole cradle, at most unbolt it to lower it a bit to gain some clearance

    The K-mac kit is excellent, they also provide a bush extraction tool which allows you to remove the old bush without removing the whole arm. Pay attention the direction you insert the bolts as it can make adjustment a bit tight if they go with the heads on a particular side.

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    Thanks for your feedback guys

    i have used K-Mac suspension on a number of cars I’ve had over the years & always happy with their products hence why I went with their camber kit plus they are the only people that supply a extrusion tool.

    Cheers Az

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    ^yep agree with the guys above, inc the bolt direction.

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