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    So back 35 odd years ago I did a radio Electronics trade, hated every minute of it, so got into drafting as soon as I could. At the time Fitting and Turning was a great trade, and always seemed to be in demand, but these days things are a lot different.  Seems Electricians are always in demand.  Whats the best trade nowadays?

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    Would say carpentry as you usually have long term work, ie one house will give you months of work but for a plumber or sparky maybe a week or so.  Not to mention carpentry only one step away from becoming a builder. Advantage of plumber and sparky is that can get good coin on wages, carpentry wages is shite.

    My engine builders guys who were all skilled trades, not sure what they were called, were on less than i pay my labourers, not much coin in mechanical trade any more. Unless you are the actual boss. My old man was a mechanic, but was a cheif mechanic for a race team at Bathurst and forged his whole business from it, did well enough to send me to private school etc etc. If your good at it there is money in it i guess.

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