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    When doing the LS conversion, it’s possible to run the later style 58T reluctor wheel on an earlier ECU but you need to run the Linkenfelter conversion box.  If you decide to swap the reluctor wheel like I did to the 24T, you can remove the converter box (so one less thing to go wrong.).  If you do you need to swap the cam sprocket, and crank angle sensor, and modify the wiring to the cam angle sensor plug as follows;

    Changing from 58T reluctor wheel to 24T

    • You do NOT change the wiring going from the 58T (beige) crank angle sensor to the 24 (black) one. You do need to snip off the locating pin in the black sensor with side cutters then just plug it in, orientated so the locking clip still works.
    • You do need to swap the two outer pins on the cam position sensor at the front of the motor.
    • You also must use the correct crank angle sensor that matches the reluctor wheel. So beige for 58T, black for 24T.

    Also a tip for fitting the connector onto the rear crank angle sensor when the headers are in the way.  I used a piece of strip (actually an old piece of “snake” used to feed electrical wires)  I then taped the connector to it with electrical tape.   You can then feed that down from the front of the engine past the engine mount and looking up from below you can see when its home and click it into place.

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