Forum Rules

1. This is a forum dedicated to car enthusiasts. Please treat each other with respect. If you wouldn’t say what you posted to a random cage fighter next to you at the pub, its probably not the best idea to say it here.

2. Another member may have a differing view to yours, that doesn’t mean they are wrong, or that you need to verbally beat them into submission. Please respect their right to have their own opinion.

3. This is an Australian car enthusiasts forum, please do not use it to impose your religious or political views. There are plenty of other sites on the internet if you want to do that. The only exception is you have a crucifix hood emblem and you just ran over Tony Abbot with it.

4. No posts about drugs or blatant illegal activity, including hooning in public places.

5. This site caters to enthusiast of both genders, please refrain from blatantly sexist comments and no posting of offensive images. If you wouldn’t be happy  showing your 11 year old niece what you just posted, then don’t post it here.

6. Pics with promo girls alongside are fine, but pics with scantily clad girls in front of the car doing the pout are out.

7. Mild swearing is part of the Australian culture, but please refrain from using obscene language. The occasional F bomb will be allowed, the C word won’t.

At the end of the day if we all play by the simple rules above we will drive the eternal highway of peace and harmony with no need for any moderation at all.